Re: Praxis II General Science Test

    Thanks so much for your suggestions. I am looking for review
    books, so if you would like to sell yours just write back!


    On 2/10/09, Lee wrote:
    > On 2/07/09, Deb Jaggard wrote:
    >> On 12/17/08, Lee wrote:
    >>> Hello- I was just wondering from anyone who has taken the
    >>> Praxis II general science exam what kind of format to
    >>> expect from the questions (in particular the physics ones,
    >>> but any feedback is appreciated). I understand it is
    >>> multiple choice. With the questions involving calculations,
    >>> will formulas be given for the problems or is it worth my
    >>> time to memorize them? I am just trying to get an idea of
    >>> how in depth into each subject I should go during my
    >>> studying. Thanks for any input!
    >> Lee, I have not taken Praxis II science, but am interested in
    >> learning more about preparation for the test, also as well as
    >> the answers to your questions. I took the Colorado state
    >> assessment (PLACE) for Secondary Science recently and did not
    >> pass, even though I have 20+ credits in the sciences in
    >> college coursework. Based upon the info I got from the test
    >> publishers (a mini-report after the exam that shows how you
    >> did in subareas of the test) and my experience, I think I
    >> ultimately had trouble because I did not have any college
    >> courses specifically in Earth Science. I felt OK about most
    >> of the Bio and Chem. But I used a Praxis II prep book and I
    >> suspect that the Praxis II may have a wider diversity in the
    >> content of its questions, assuming the test booklet I used is
    >> actually representative of the content that is on the test.
    >> For me personally, I wish I'd had more exposure to more Earth
    >> Science content.
    > For Deb and anyone else taking the Praxis II General Science- I
    > got my results back today and it turns out that I did quite well
    > and passed. One thing that people should realize is that there
    > are no calculators on the test. I actually thought this was
    > beneficial because it meant that any math that had to be done
    > was relatively simple. As far as studying materials, I did not
    > buy the Praxis book because it was a bit pricey. What I did do
    > is get the Cliff Notes review books for Chemistry, Physics,
    > Earth Science, and Biology. If you can read over those and feel
    > comfortable with most of the material you will do fine. Most of
    > the questions are not very in depth and only require knowing
    > basic principles of a certain field. Good Luck