Re: Masters Elem Ed Student looking for teacher sponsor/ment
    Out-of-work in Colorado

    On 3/02/09, Belinda wrote:
    > Hello I am currently a student working on my Masters in
    > Elementary Education. I need advice. I am needing a
    > sponsor/mentor for my program and I have been in Colorado
    > for a week. I do not know how to go about finding an
    > educator that would be willing to take a few minutes out
    > if their time to give me advice and answer some questions
    > regarding teaching. Does anyone have any advice or maybe
    > be willing to email and discuss with me some answers to
    > questions I may have. Thank you.

    You have been here for about a week? Probably now, since it's
    December, you've realized there are no jobs for you. Either
    give up now, or go to UCCS and find someone in the Education
    Department to help you. They're all busy trying to hold on to
    their jobs as well.
    I've been a substitute, student, Title 1 teacher, and I have
    a Master's in Curriculum and Education /Emphasis in Reading.
    I have been teaching on and off in El Paso County Colorado
    for 7 years. Good luck sweetie. ;)