Hmmm...Why would anyone teach at a charter school?
    Learned my Lesson.

    I know that there are a lot of people looking for jobs
    right now, so I wanted to pass on a little advice from
    someone who has experienced the worst teaching job in his
    career. Be VERY careful about signing up to teach at a
    charter school, especially if it is your first year of
    teaching. Charter schools give "at-will" contracts. This
    means the board can terminate your employment at ANY time.
    (You can also leave, but this looks very bad on a resume -
    future principals do not like to see that you resigned
    from any position. Also, most teachers tend to be very
    sacrificial and end up staying for the sake of their
    students in spite of the horrible working conditions.) The
    board doesn't even have to give you a reason for not
    extending a contact...If you disagree with the
    director/principal - even for the right reasons - they
    will "let you go". You have NO recourse. I feel SO sorry
    for those first year teachers, who end up doing the job of
    2 to 3 teachers, hoping to build up their
    resume/recommendations, only to be dismissed when they
    decide that they are not able to do one more thing/wear
    yet another hat. They are then accused of not being
    a "team player" and cast away..SO sad!:-(

    I realize that there are some wonderful charter schools
    who support their teachers and strive for excellence. But,
    please, before you sign any letter of intent, look into
    the history of the school...What is the staff turnover
    rate? This might be a sign of trouble...This may tell you
    whether or not you want to waste ten months (or more) of
    your life at a thankless job.