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I know that there are a lot of people looking for jobs right now, so I wanted to pass on a little advice from someone who has experienced the worst teaching job in his career. Be VERY careful about signing up to teach at a charter school, especially if it is your first year of teaching. Charter schools give "at-will" contracts. This means the board can terminate your employment at ANY time. (You can also leave, but this looks very bad on a resume - future principals do not like to see that you resigned from any position. Also, most teachers tend to be very sacrificial and end up staying for the sake of their students in spite of the horrible working conditions.) The board doesn't even have to give you a reason for not extending a contact...If you disagree with the director/principal - even for the right reasons - they will "let you go". You have NO recourse. I feel SO sorry for those first year teachers, who end up doing the job of 2 to 3 teachers, hoping to build up their resume/recom...See More
~Bradley I realize that there are some wonderful charter schools > who support their teachers and strive for excellence.

Name one.

All kidding aside, my experience has proven the truth in what you say a thousand times over.

A majority of charter schools are started by misguided wannabes who believe that public schools, by mer...See More
Mar 17, 2009
COTeacher ersonally, I haven't been impressed with charter schools...Although I know that most (depending on their charter/funding) do take CSAPs. Also, I know that they don't have to be certified/licensed, but, according to NCLB, they are "supposed" to be "highly qualified."

Yes, and I agree that, depending on the board, you could have people who r...See More
Mar 18, 2009
Ms. B I completely agree with what you are saying. I am currently a teacher in a charter school and I AM NOT for the charter school movement. As soon as I get my degree, I am going to bang on the Chicago Public School's door to get a job.

I am a former sales person with a Bachelor's of Science in Commerce who decided to go into education. I hav...See More
Nov 4, 2011

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