Re: Along the charter school discussion...Flagstaff Academy?

    They have enrollment for, and are planning to add additional full
    classes (plus waitlist, in some cases more than enough to fill yet
    another full class) in K, 1, 2, 3, 5, and multiple middle school
    classes. Plus additional specials teachers in PE, Music, Art,
    Technology to accomodate the increased enrollment, plus new Pre-K
    program. The planned hiring does not include teacher attrition, it's
    based on added classes. Yes, the PR campaign has been strong this
    year, and strong results help too. John Irwin award in only the 3rd
    year of operation, moving into a beautiful new facility next year, etc.

    On 4/02/09, CO Teacher wrote:
    > Terri,
    > Then, for my own piece of mind, can you answer this question...
    > What percentage of the present FA teachers are staying?
    > It just seems hard to imagine that the school could be needing THAT
    > many teachers...How many new students do you anticipate. Check the
    > St. Vrain website. They are looking for AT LEAST 11 new teachers
    > AND a new principal. Let's see...if you need about 15-20 students
    > per teacher, then you are expecting AT LEAST 165 new
    > students...Pretty optimistic, I must say! They must have some
    > public relations/advertising campaign going on...Or, am I missing
    > something?!?
    > I am still wondering...I hope you can enlighten me...and others.
    > On 4/02/09, Terri wrote:
    >> The reason the school is hiring a bunch of new teachers is that
    >> it is expanding and moving into a new building. They are adding
    >> new tracks in K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and a preschool. A large number
    >> of Flagstaff teachers recently presented at the recent CK
    >> conference. (The most of any CK school).
    >> On 4/01/09, The statistics in states that have studied their
    >> charters wrote:
    >>> On 4/01/09, COTeacher wrote:
    >>>> Just an interesting note...Principal at Flagstaff resigns
    >>>> (3/19/09)and now they are looking for a BUNCH of new
    >>>> teachers in virtually every grade level and subject. Makes
    >>>> you wonder...sure looks like more proof of the lack of
    >>>> curriculum consistency and job security in the charter
    >>>> schools!
    >>> say that most charter school principals don't stay more than 2
    >>> years (on average) and that they have double the teacher
    >>> turnover of the public urban schools. So job security--no. By
    >>> the way, most of the teachers who leave the charters never
    >>> quit teaching instead of going to other schools. I think that
    >>> is a good sign that they are traumatized by the experience