Re: Charter schools should be your last option

    What do charter schools in Colorado usually pay? I'm moving from
    Texas to Colorado and on average the pay in CO is about $14000
    less annually. I noticed that none of the charter schools post
    their pay scales. This will be my first teaching job ever and
    I've heard quite a few horror stories about finding a teaching
    position in CO. I'll be in Colorado Springs specifically. Any
    advice on the job market, and pay scale for charter schools.
    What is the science curriculum like? Is it really awful?

    On 7/10/09, I agree 100 percent. wrote:
    > A BIG clue of a BAD charter is the teacher turnover rate.
    > If you are a brand new teacher with a lot of other brand
    > new staff members, there is probably a reason for
    > it...poor pay, terrible working conditions, 0% job
    > security, unprofessional/incompetent administration, or
    > clueless board members...hopefully, it's not all of the
    > above.
    > Plus, if you are right out of college (this is your first
    > position) you are SO desparate for a job, more experience,
    > and a good reference/recommendation to add to your file
    > that you work tirelessly to please your principal...But,
    > wait, the principal finds out that you are looking
    > elsewhere for another position so she makes the rest of
    > your school year so miserable that you can't even ask her
    > for one...Ugly scene - get out before you start!
    > On 6/03/09, Been There Done That wrote:
    >> Don't work for a Charter School unless you really must.
    >> The pay is
    >> competitive at the entry level but you will quickly
    >> fall behind the traditional publics. No job security
    >> and miracles are expected regardless of the student
    >> demographics.
    >> You're expected to work seven days per week, prepare
    >> for three different classes/grade levels, and you are
    >> supervised by clueless administrators who may not have
    >> even been teachers themselves in the past.
    >> That's right, some Charter schools have administrators
    >> who are not certified or licensed by the CO Dept of
    >> Education, yet they view themselves as "master
    >> teachers".
    >> You basically can get more job satisfaction working in
    >> virtually any other profession.