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Anyone else out there willing to share a good or bad experience in a charter school? Maybe Terri can chime in here?!? ;-D
NoCharters4Me I've been reading the posts, and I just wanted to add that I hated my time at the charter school. I had almost twenty years of teaching experience, and I was treated like dirt. I quit after one year. Most of the board members were just parents and businessmen who really didn't understand or support us. They just wanted a whole lot of work for a lot...See More
Apr 10, 2009
agree with last post I agree with the last person who said that the board is mostly people who have never been in education. They don't understand or respect what teachers do.

Also, the principals are given almost total power to treat you however they want with no consequences. And how the principals get their job is very shady a lot of times. A lot of the pr...See More
Apr 10, 2009

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