Re: Middle or High School Teacher


    I was in your shoes about three years ago. I am now teaching
    both Junior High and High School. Are you wanting to teach
    business or in another content area? If you want to teach
    business, don't take any classes yet. The first thing you
    want to do is go to the CDE website and request an
    alternative license packet. The quicker you get this in, the
    quicker you can get started looking for a job. CDE is really
    slow! Next, take the PLACE test for your content area. You
    can also take the PRAXIS. Once you have done all of this, the
    CDE will issue you a SOE. You can take your SOE and apply for
    teaching jobs. You have to find a district that is willing to
    work with you on your alternative license. The smaller and
    more rural districts have a need for teachers and are more
    willing to work with you. During your first year, you will
    attend CDE classes, most likely at a BOCES office. The cost
    is around $4000.00. My district paid for my classes and then
    I paid them back through a payroll deduction. After you
    successfully complete the first year and the classes, you
    will have your Initial Teaching License.

    If you want to teach in a different content area, I would
    still recommend starting the process. Before issuing a SOE,
    they will conduct a transcript analysis on your BA work. They
    will tell you what you need to take to do a different content

    I hope this helps. Best of luck!


    PS: Coaching is something that will help you when applying
    for a job with a SOE. Once again, the smaller and rural ones
    are very interested in coaches. My district has had many SOE
    teachers and coaches.