Re: Alternative Licensing and SOE
    The bad news

    Elementary teachers are a dime a dozen.

    Therefore, schools will go for the traditonal route teachers
    in that grade level.

    That's just the reality of it.

    On 8/20/09, Lauren wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I am wondering if there is anyone out there who is, or has,
    > pursued the Alternative license in Colorado. I have passed
    > my Praxis II and have my SOE, but have yet to get hired as
    > an Elementary teacher. Has anyone had luck with this and,
    > if so, did it take long and how did you get hired? Last
    > year I was a tutor 4 days per week at a school, but I am
    > most likely going to just substitute teach this year in
    > order to make contact with more principals. I am probably
    > going to go through Colorado Christian to get my
    > certification once I finally get hired. Anyone have any
    > suggestions or thoughts?