Re: New in Colorado and just got my SOE


    Congratulations on taking the steps to get your SOE. CDE is
    not great about explaining the process. You are correct; the
    next step is applying to districts. I agree with the previous
    response to your post and will not cover old ground. A good
    resource to look for jobs is . They
    have opening from around the state. Are you adamant about
    staying in FOCO? Your chances would go up significantly in
    more rural districts away from the colleges and the urban
    areas. This is where the real need is. Like in real estate,
    it's location, location, location. You are more valuable in
    areas where there isn't an overabundance of licensed teachers.

    Something to think about: In many smaller districts, having
    the desire and ability to coach will give you a leg up on the

    Regardless of the geographic areas you choose to conduct your
    job search, you will find that this time of year is very hard
    to find a position. Unless you get extremely lucky, you will
    probably have to focus on next year.

    Once you are hired by a district, CDE will issue you your
    alternative license. You will then have to go through the
    Alternative License program. Many districts use their BOCES
    to do this program. Last I knew, the cost was around $4K. The
    program lasts for one year. At the end of this program, you
    will get your Initial Teacher License. This is the same one
    the recent college grads get. It is good for three years.
    During that three years, you must complete an Induction
    Program. At the end of this, you will get your Professional
    (5 year) License.

    I hope this helps. I went through the process myself and have
    a very rewarding position teaching in a high school. Take
    care and good luck!