Re: New in Colorado and just got my SOE

    Wow thanks to both of the fast responses. It is nice to know a
    support network of knowledgable people. I am not adament about
    Ft. Collins but really don't want to go back to Denver. I am ok
    with having to wait until next year as the SOE came at the worst
    time. I like the area up here and would love to be in the
    area. I will start applying like you guys said. Also is the
    subbing a different thing? I also applied for the substitute
    certificate through the CDE and didn't get anything. Am I to
    late to get on a district list, or can I jump on that midyear?

    Thanks again guys,

    On 8/30/09, Curtis wrote:
    > Nick,
    > Congratulations on taking the steps to get your SOE. CDE is
    > not great about explaining the process. You are correct; the
    > next step is applying to districts. I agree with the previous
    > response to your post and will not cover old ground. A good
    > resource to look for jobs is . They
    > have opening from around the state. Are you adamant about
    > staying in FOCO? Your chances would go up significantly in
    > more rural districts away from the colleges and the urban
    > areas. This is where the real need is. Like in real estate,
    > it's location, location, location. You are more valuable in
    > areas where there isn't an overabundance of licensed teachers.
    > Something to think about: In many smaller districts, having
    > the desire and ability to coach will give you a leg up on the
    > competition.
    > Regardless of the geographic areas you choose to conduct your
    > job search, you will find that this time of year is very hard
    > to find a position. Unless you get extremely lucky, you will
    > probably have to focus on next year.
    > Once you are hired by a district, CDE will issue you your
    > alternative license. You will then have to go through the
    > Alternative License program. Many districts use their BOCES
    > to do this program. Last I knew, the cost was around $4K. The
    > program lasts for one year. At the end of this program, you
    > will get your Initial Teacher License. This is the same one
    > the recent college grads get. It is good for three years.
    > During that three years, you must complete an Induction
    > Program. At the end of this, you will get your Professional
    > (5 year) License.
    > I hope this helps. I went through the process myself and have
    > a very rewarding position teaching in a high school. Take
    > care and good luck!
    > Curtis