Re: New in Colorado and just got my SOE

    As far as I know, sub lists are a district by district thing. The
    district where I teach accepts new people to the sub list at any
    time. We have a shortage of subs, however.

    One of the big things subbing does is get you in the door. It's
    like networking on steroids. If you can sub in a district you
    become a district employee and are known to the administrators.
    Also, there is the "teacher's lounge effect." If someone is
    planning to retire or leave, the teacher's lounge will usually know
    before the district office does. Also, some districts use current
    teachers to help with the recruitment process. I was interviewed by
    the person I was replacing, another teacher, and the
    Superintendent. If you have developed relationships with teachers
    it can help you a lot.

    Also, if you have never been in the classroom, subbing can help you
    decide if you really want to be. If you have never been in a
    classroom, keep a few things in mind when you go to sub. Don't get
    too frustrated. It's hard to be the stranger in the room. It is
    even harder if the teacher does not have a handle on the classroom
    environment or leaves crappy lesson plans. If you are fair and
    interested in the kids, they will begin to know you over time and
    will respect you regardless of the situation.

    On the sub certificate, go to and you can search
    yourself. It will tell you the status of your request. It's
    probably just in process. CDE is extremely slow!

    I would pick a geographic area that you are willing to live in.
    Then I would watch all of the districts in that area. Especially
    pay attention to the smaller districts. If you get 30 minutes to an
    hour east of the population centers along I-25, you will greatly
    increase your chances. They tend to have a harder time recruiting
    people with a license. Most generally, districts will take a
    licensed candidate over one with a SOE.

    I am so glad to be able to help. Most of us in the teaching
    profession are here because we love to help others. Take care and
    good luck! Please let us know how your search is going.