Re: Need another opinion

    yes, i'm bored.

    this EXACT same post...word for word...was posted on my state's board
    not long ago and I just saw it posted on another state's board a few
    minutes ago.

    On 2/02/10, ~Bradley wrote:
    > On 10/18/09, don wrote:
    >> On 10/02/09, Carl wrote:
    >>> yes
    >>> On 10/01/09, Teacher wrote:
    >>>> I have a situation where I would like other people's
    >>>> opinion. Two weeks ago, my schools enrollment went up and
    >>>> my principal asked if I would like to teach on my
    >>>> conference period (which is an extra $10,000). Everything
    >>>> was going great until another teacher found out that
    >>>> because of the master schedule, they would have to change
    >>>> their conference period from 7th to 2nd. This teacher
    >>>> raised such a fuss (started rumors, resigned off
    >>>> committees, etc), that the pricipal change her mind and
    >>>> told me that I now can not teach the extra period. So
    >>>> basicly, I lost out on $10,000 because the other teacher
    >>>> refused to switch their conference period. Should I be
    >>>> upset at that teacher when he knew if the switch wasn't
    >>>> made, I would lose out on $10,000. We are talking about
    >>>> quite a bit of money, not $200 or a minimal amount. Just
    >>>> wondering what others would think and do if this happened
    >>>> to them.
    >>>> Thanks,
    > My thought is that your principal needs to grow a spine.
    > There are whiners on every staff. It's how the principal responds to
    > them that matters. He or she should not have let that malcontent
    > overrule a decision that s/he had already made and that would have
    > such a detrimental effect when changed.