Re: Taking Praxis General Science
    Dr. F

    The test is not that bad. I went into the test without having
    studied and got a very high score. They sent me a certificate
    for earning a high score. You don't need to worry too much
    about formulas and computation. The test is a multiple choice
    test. The problems are often contrived in such a way that you
    can do the math in your head. Make sure that you are well
    rounded in your science background. The test will ask
    questions on everything from cell bio, to plate tectonics, to
    the periodic table, to Newton's laws.

    On 10/24/09, Teresa wrote:
    > Hello all;
    > I am taking the Praxis II General Science test in 3 weeks
    > and am very nervous. I would appreciate any study
    > suggestions you would have. I am particularly nervous about
    > having to remember the physics formulas and math.
    > Thanks so much,
    > Teresa