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Licensed Qualified Teachers Needed, various K12 Teaching JOBS Please forward this to Teachers who is now looking for jobs! ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------

Email David Huang [email removed]]

School 001 : West Ocean TAIPEI area need a private junior high/elementary school teachers ASAP -Teacher Need ASAP. -Tax Free : No -Secured Jobs : YES, teacher need to do a phone interview with school. Salary & Benefits: 1) Salary NT$65,000 per month. 2) School provide NT$3,000 housing subsidy every monthly. 3) school paid NT$2,000 performance bonus every monthly. 4) school paid flight subsidy(not round trip) maximum NT$20,000. (must show your receipt to the school) 5) Other Paid national holidays.(every school different, in accordance with the School¡¦s calendar.) 6) Nation laborer insurance and health insurance Provide, only $5 USD to get your teeth cleaned! teacher is required to enroll in ...See More

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