High School Biology Positions?

    Hi everyone. I am a teacher in OH and my wife and I are
    planning to move to CO in the next 2 years (Colorado Springs
    area - she will continue with Progressive). I am a biology
    teacher and I also teach (taught) AP Bio, Anatomy/Phys., and
    I am currently teaching my Genetics course I developed (I
    have a Masters in Molecular Genetics). I have only taught
    for 2 years in the public schools.

    Is it worth our while to move there? Are there good options
    for HS Bio teachers? Is it impossible to find a job? Any
    advice on the Science job openings would be greatly
    appreciated. I am just starting this process and I am naive
    when it comes to the West Coast/Rockies.

    Thanks in advance for your time! Enjoy the holidays...