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Example= Agnes Moorehead reads Nancy Hanks, Orsen Wells reads Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Mike Whorf reads Eugene Fields See in Things At Night and Riley's Little Orphant Annie plus Boris Karloff reading from Kipling's Jungle Book plus Alexander Scourby reading The Highwayman, Gunga Din, If, Annabel Lee, Paul Revere's Ride and many more plus Vincent Price reading The Landing Of The Pilgrim Fathers, Thanksgiving Day, Paul Revere's Ride, The Village Blacksmith, The Star-Spangled Banner, The House By The Side Of The Road, Trees, The Barefoot Boy, A Visit From St. Nicholas, America For Me, The New Colossus, Jesse James, Casey At The Bat, Casey Jones, In Flanders Fields, Chicago, America The Beautiful (ALL FREE) You will need a cd player and I an address to mail the cd package to. I will also pay te postage. [email removed]

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