Re: High School English or Guidance Counseling
    Been There, Done That

    On 2/01/10, Reba wrote:
    > Hello Colorado Teachers:
    > I was hoping to get some information about school districts
    > in the Denver area. I am thinking about relocating to
    > Denver from out of state and I am currently working as a
    > high school guidance counselor, but am also certified 6-12
    > English and Spanish. What are some districts in the greater
    > Denver area that are worth looking into? Since I know
    > nothing about the area, I really need some serious help! I
    > am sure it is difficult to get a job in CO... but I am from
    > Michigan, where nothing could possibly get worse. Can
    > anyone give me some helpful guidance?
    > Reba


    Douglas County, Cherry Creek, Jefferson County are the best.
    Denver Public Schools are the worst in regard to
    demographics. Be forewarned, the great recession is impacting
    Colorado as well. Therefore, $ is tight for all districts
    and non-tenured teachers are getting laid off. Lastly,
    guidance positions are very competitive to get because a
    number of folks want to leave the classroom grind behind.