Re: Teaching in Colorado

    On 3/18/10, Easy answers wrote:
    > Same as everywhere else right now.
    > Yes.
    > Not good.
    > Most definitely YES and it will get worse before it gets
    > better.
    > On 3/18/10, Marleen wrote:
    >> I've been considering pursuing a teaching credential in Co.
    >> However, what is the teaching climate like in Colorado? Is
    >> it as bad as in other places of the nation? What's the
    >> shape of the state budget? Are schools closing, and teachers
    >> being laid-off like in several other states?

    The last post is correct. In my district, we are closing a
    school at the end of this year. Many teachers have received
    their notices that they will not be returning next year, mostly
    all probationary teachers. This is affecting CO just like every
    other state in the country.