Re: Anyone transferred a license to CO from NM?

    Stop confusing people. There is reciprocity between NM and CO so
    you shouldn't have a problem to get a CO license. And I don't
    believe you will not receive credits for teaching outside of CO,
    probably not all years, Denver will give you up to 10 years.

    > Research! I am a CO teacher and there have been huge budget
    > cuts, teacher lay offs all across the state. It is
    > competitive. I don't know your answer regarding your
    > retirement but as for our district you would start as a 1st
    > year teacher with 0 yrs experience! (they only give credit
    > for CO teaching) Definitely contact the specific districts
    > for more info. I am not trying to steer you away, just
    > research and realize things are tight for right now. In a
    > couple of years maybe it will be different. I speak for
    > northern Co.