What Can I Do?

    Hi, I'm a native of Colorado and have been non-renewed four
    times now. The particular subject, which I teach, is very
    political. I'm going to be 51 years old, this July. I'm
    very wary that in this economy, my beloved Colorado's at
    will status, and the fact I've been non-renewed four times,
    that I will no longer be employable. I've had excellent
    reviews, and letters of recommendation. My MA and years
    spent teaching (15), also add to the difficulty of getting
    hired. I earned my masters, several years ago, while
    teaching out of state, because I was informed by 3
    different school districts that I'd be more attractive to
    schools looking to hire. Now, it feels as though it was a
    big mistake.

    What Can I Do? I love what I teach and I'm good at it.
    I'm also highly qualified.