Student Teacher needs to Interview teachers
    Diane Sachtleben

    Please I would appreciate any teachers with the experience
    of 3, 5, 10 & 15 years of experience to participate in
    answersing these questions. I only
    need 4 more teachers, one with 3 yrs exp, 5 yrs, 10 yrs,
    and 15 yrs. Thank you in advance.

    1. As student achievement and a greater understanding
    of curriculum have become more relevant, what are some ways
    you have found to apply curriculum to previous knowledge?
    2. Technology seems to be the way in which education
    is steering itself. Some believe that technology can lead
    the way and eventually produce better schools, while others
    believe that there may be long-term consequences that are
    not being considered in the rush to use technology. What
    are your thoughts on this issue?
    3. NCLB states that the equitable distribution clause
    requires states to take steps to "ensure that poor and
    minority children are not taught at higher rates as other
    children by inexperienced, unqualified, or out-of-field
    teachers." What are you beliefs on this subject and why?
    4. How do you view the NCLB act? What is your opinion
    on the matter?
    5. In your years of experience do you feel that your
    teaching philosophy has helped or harmed your classroom?
    Have you had to change it?
    6. How do you talk to a parent who may not agree with
    you as a teacher?
    7. What steps do you take in the classroom to
    implement NCLB while obtaining Higher Order Thinking levels
    for those students?
    8. How does your overall school mission coincide with
    your classroom philosophy that addresses a safe learning
    9. How do the styles/ methods you use today differ
    from those that you used when you first begin teaching,
    what brought about the change?
    10. In your opinion what should the desired outcome
    (socially, economically, and politically) of the teacher be
    when teaching students?