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I love working with Youth For Understanding exchange students ([link removed]

Exchange students and exchange returnees have much to contribute to their host and home schools -and they would like to contribute! The key to having most of the following ideas work is for a teacher or administrator to be the catalyst or facilitator. 1. Be a tutor or conversation partner for another student or an assistant in a foreign language class or a resource for students working on country projects. 2. Be a member of a panel of international students and exchange returnees talking about their cultures and experiences as part of an International Day at the school. 3. Help initiate a pen pal and/or video exchange with the home or school. 4. Organize an exhibit in the library focusing on "my country." 5. Publicly recognize exchange students that the school has hosted over the years through a flag display or on-going exhibit of one artifact from each country in the school entrance. 6. Be part of ...See More

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