Re: Advice on Quitting

    I am SO glad that I am not a teacher in Colorado. Some of you
    are the most unsupportive, negative, even hateful people I've
    encountered. If teaching has made you that bitter--GET OUT NOW
    and do mankind a big favor. Geez!

    On 8/26/10, Anon1 wrote:
    > You are pathetic. Your posts are full of lies and vile.
    > Seek mental help. You need it.
    > On 8/26/10, The real Terry wrote:
    >> Ok, even though I said I would not post or read the
    >> posts again, here I am.
    >> Unfortunately, because I put my email on the first post
    >> this string is haunting me.
    >> I have not been writing as "Terry" for a
    >> while, someone is impersonating me which is the problem
    >> with sites that don't require people to register.
    >> I want to thank everyone again for the advice given. I
    >> am still struggling with my school and have actually
    >> taken a "mental health" day today because I
    >> cried the entire drive into my school yesterday.
    >> I am not a weak person or a person who deserves the
    >> attacks and assumptions that have been happening on
    >> this board. If you reread my first post, it was written
    >> in a moment of desperation and I begged for no
    >> negativity. Thankfully, there were some that felt
    >> compassion and have written nice notes, but others (I
    >> prefer to think) are not teachers at all but bored
    >> lurkers who have nothing else better to do than to kick
    >> a person when they are down.
    >> Thanks again and Good luck to everyone,
    >> Terry
    >> On 8/26/10, Anon1 wrote:
    >>> You know, it seems like everyone has tried to be
    >>> nice, given you advice, etc. Our part in this is to
    >>> be helpful, not to be responsible for running your
    >>> life. Life is full of nuances and all kinds of
    >>> situations, nothing is black and white. So, no one
    >>> has a lot of money and is more fortunate than you.
    >>> All of us have had challenges and have somehow lived
    >>> through it regardless of our choices.
    >>> I was going to post some advice, but I am sure that
    >>> it will be met with negativity since I refuse to tell
    >>> you what you should do - you are an adult and should
    >>> be able to make your own choices.
    >>> One thing, no, it is not wise to leave a job before
    >>> the end of the year!
    >>> Just my 1 cent!
    >>> On 8/23/10, Terry wrote:
    >>>> So I should just quit? I should waste 16 years like
    > you?
    >>>> I don't have tons of money like you.
    >>>> Thank you so much for your time and advice.
    >>>> Terry
    >>>> On 8/22/10, Trisha wrote:
    >>>>> Holy cow! I just finished my 16th successful and
    >>>>> successively miserable year teaching, and finally
    >>>>> quit! Such anxiety, still have some, but I wish I
    >>>>> had walked away years ago. I have a master's
    >>>>> degree, and tons of money, time, care, love,
    >>>>> tears, into this profession, but I think 16 years
    >>>>> was 16 years too long. The workload just got
    >>>>> heavier and heavier, the rewards less and less.
    >>>>> If you are unhappy at this school, WALK AWAY...if
    >>>>> you are unhappy at the next school...WALK AWAY
    >>>>> from the profession completely. Don't keep trying
    >>>>> to make it work. Just because you are good at
    >>>>> your job, doesn't mean the job is right for you.
    >>>>> There are other schools, and there are other
    >>>>> occupations... It's just not worth it. Life is
    >>>>> too short (cliche, I know.) It's a bad sign that
    >>>>> you are thinking of breaking a contract so soon
    >>>>> into the year, might be a sign that the new way
    >>>>> schools do business isn't going to jive with your
    >>>>> philosophy of education in general.
    >>>>> On 8/11/10, Terry wrote:
    >>>>>> So, it happens all the time? Teachers break
    >>>>>> contracts and move to other districts?
    >>>>>> Thank you so much for your time and advice.
    >>>>>> Terry
    >>>>>> On 8/11/10, My advice wrote:
    >>>>>>> First, your union can give you a copy of the
    >>>>>>> contract. However, for now, let's just assume
    >>>>>>> you have to give 2 months notice. Your
    >>>>>>> contract will lay out the details.
    >>>>>>> Continue to work and look for a new position
    >>>>>>> at the same time. It happens all the time so
    >>>>>>> no one will view it as a big negative. Be
    >>>>>>> careful when you get an interview to not
    >>>>>>> focus on just the negative when you are asked
    >>>>>>> why you would like to leave the position. It
    >>>>>>> will be a big turn-off if all you do is
    >>>>>>> complain. Know what you are going to say
    >>>>>>> going in.
    >>>>>>> When you get an offer, notify your
    >>>>>>> administration in writing. Expect to have to
    >>>>>>> stay the entire length your contract dictates
    >>>>>>> from when you gave your notice. If it is
    >>>>>>> less, so be it. It will be an awkward and
    >>>>>>> difficult time period but there will be an
    >>>>>>> end in sight.
    >>>>>>> Good luck.
    >>>>>>> On 8/11/10, Terry wrote:
    >>>>>>>> Hello;
    >>>>>>>> I need some advice and no spam or negative
    >>>>>>>> comments. I have made a terrible mistake
    >>>>>>>> with the school where I am working. I would
    >>>>>>>> like to continue to look for another job
    >>>>>>>> while teaching, but am unsure at how
    >>>>>>>> teacher contracts work and weather another
    >>>>>>>> school would even look at my application
    >>>>>>>> knowing that I am under contract with
    >>>>>>>> another district.
    >>>>>>>> Please advise and, respectfully, no
    >>>>>>>> lectures. I know how this must sound - just
    >>>>>>>> please help me.
    >>>>>>>> Thank you, Ctracy