Re: Advice on Quitting

    You are too funny. Several posts ago you got some good
    advice based on your request. That person obviously hires
    teachers. There was no negativity and no attack. Your
    response was to attack the poster and claim they didn't
    know what they were talking about.

    You should find a mirror. A big part of the problem is

    On 8/11/10, Terry wrote:
    > This is the last time I come to this board for advice.
    > The hatred and bile
    > on this board is disguisting.
    > Are you even a teacher?
    > I won't be checking this, don't bother to reply...the
    > world could do without your brand of hostility.
    > Good luck to all the teachers out there! Have a great
    > year.
    > On 8/11/10, M wrote:
    >> Must be a rich district. Not only do you have a copy
    >> ROOM you have a person who is assigned to RUN it.
    >> Most other places have broken down copiers sitting in
    >> hallways and teachers who are getting laid off.
    >> Fancy. Must be hard.
    >> On 8/11/10, Terry wrote:
    >>> Wow, I am sorry that you think I am angry. I am not.
    >>> I am just sad.
    >>> I love my students, but don't have administration
    >>> support that I was promised. I work 12 hour days
    >>> and haven't had more than 4 hours sleep since
    >>> school started. If you want to see angry teachers
    >>> you can come and interview the others at my
    >>> school...their venom makes me cry every day on the
    >>> way home (even the person that runs the copy room
    >>> is unhappy).
    >>> Thank you sincerely for your advice...I would also
    >>> appreciate hearing from anyone else.
    >>> Terry
    >>> On 8/11/10, Yes it does wrote:
    >>>> It does happen all the time.
    >>>> The contract isn't "broken" if you give
    >>>> the notice it stipulates.
    >>>> Believe what you want. You appear to be a very
    >>>> angry person. I would enjoy interviewing you.
    >>>> By the way, you may want to go back to grade
    >>>> school to learn the difference between
    >>>> "whether" and "weather."
    >>>> You appear to be a very angry person.
    >>>> You're welcome.
    >>>> On 8/11/10, Terry wrote:
    >>>>> So, it happens all the time? Teachers break
    >>>>> contracts and move to other districts?
    >>>>> Thank you so much for your time and advice.
    >>>>> Terry
    >>>>> On 8/11/10, My advice wrote:
    >>>>>> First, your union can give you a copy of the
    >>>>>> contract. However, for now, let's just assume
    >>>>>> you have to give 2 months notice. Your
    >>>>>> contract will lay out the details.
    >>>>>> Continue to work and look for a new position
    >>>>>> at the same time. It happens all the time so
    >>>>>> no one will view it as a big negative. Be
    >>>>>> careful when you get an interview to not
    >>>>>> focus on just the negative when you are asked
    >>>>>> why you would like to leave the position. It
    >>>>>> will be a big turn-off if all you do is
    >>>>>> complain. Know what you are going to say
    >>>>>> going in.
    >>>>>> When you get an offer, notify your
    >>>>>> administration in writing. Expect to have to
    >>>>>> stay the entire length your contract dictates
    >>>>>> from when you gave your notice. If it is
    >>>>>> less, so be it. It will be an awkward and
    >>>>>> difficult time period but there will be an
    >>>>>> end in sight.
    >>>>>> Good luck.
    >>>>>> On 8/11/10, Terry wrote:
    >>>>>>> Hello;
    >>>>>>> I need some advice and no spam or negative
    >>>>>>> comments. I have made a terrible mistake
    >>>>>>> with the school where I am working. I would
    >>>>>>> like to continue to look for another job
    >>>>>>> while teaching, but am unsure at how
    >>>>>>> teacher contracts work and weather another
    >>>>>>> school would even look at my application
    >>>>>>> knowing that I am under contract with
    >>>>>>> another district.
    >>>>>>> Please advise and, respectfully, no
    >>>>>>> lectures. I know how this must sound - just
    >>>>>>> please help me.
    >>>>>>> Thank you, Ctracy