Inclusion of Intensive special ed into an advanced course

    I have a very strange situation with a very pushy Intensive
    Special Ed group who has forced their way into my advanced
    course - to go unnamed at this point - that is very
    technical and hard. It is a year long course. They have
    tentatively displaced 5 very good students and I am getting
    no support to date from Admin. In fact, they have not been
    nice about this at all.

    They are standing behind the inclusion law without any
    regard for how this affects the course or other previously
    enrolled students. I always thought there had to be some
    notion of differentiation that is reasonable, but they not
    only point to the idea that their kids do not have to
    satisfy prereqs, but further do not have to follow a
    syllabus at all.

    Note that most of the kids in question can not do basic
    problems from elementary school, much less and advanced

    Any experience with the laws and/or experience with making
    this work. I would be immensely grateful for even kind
    words. I am completely upset the first week of school!