Author Wants to Help You and Your Students

    Here's wishing you a great year in teaching! I have
    just published my first children's book, and using my
    talents as a Reading Specialist have developed
    interdisciplinary activities, as well as before, during,
    and after reading activities for the classroom. There are
    vocabulary activities and opportunities for your students
    to write to me about the book and its characters. I am
    glad to respond to those letters at your request.
    A physical disability permits me from teaching in the
    classroom anymore, so I am reaching out to students this
    way. The main goal of this book is also the part of my job
    I miss the most: instilling a love of reading and learning
    in each student.
    I can visit your classroom by Skype, if you wish, and
    our website is about to go online. There, you will be able
    to access the acitivities I spoke of earlier. The obok is
    called Harley Hits a Homer, and I am so pleased with the
    positive way it is being received in the classrooms where
    it is being used.
    I'd love to hear from you if you think we could work
    together on this project. I'd love to hear from your
    classes and to interact with them. I look forward to
    hearing from you soon.
    Let's keep them reading,