Re: Colorado Teaching License--Does it really take that long

    To the sender of this original missive, all I can say is
    that your frustration has been and is shared. I made it a
    point to give them 6 months to review an application and
    just mark it on my calendar to call if it gets to that
    point without a response-and then get on with life. You
    may have to get another job, certainly if you're waiting
    for a quick response or planning on the matter being
    resolve more quickly. My paperwork was submitted
    approximately 5 months ago, and I still have not gotten a
    letter detailing what steps need to be taken next
    (although I have an idea on my own). My advice would be to
    start subbing with several school districts right away
    (because this can take a few months to get off the
    proverbial ground as well) and take another job in the
    mean time.

    On 1/05/11, Still Waiting wrote:
    > I responded below a while back. It has now been 24
    > weeks. They will not
    > answer the phone and tell you to hang up if you are
    > calling to check the status of your application and
    > will not answer status update emails. I can not even
    > believe this. I guess I need to make a trip down there.
    > I do not understand what the hold up is. 24 weeks is
    > absolutely ridiculous.If there were something wrong
    > with my application, I would think they would contact
    > me. It isn't like they have to go through and gather
    > all of the send the packet complete
    > to them.
    > All I can say for those of you looking to move here,
    > please send your packet in WAY in advance. I am
    > certified in Texas and have nothing on my record that
    > is weird or wacky.
    > Good luck all!
    > On 1/04/11, A wrote:
    >> I sent my license in sometime in August and the
    >> website says it was received on 8/24/10. I was
    >> originally told 12 weeks, then 16. Today it has been
    >> 19 weeks and still no update on the CDE website. They
    >> won't answer inquiries regarding a timeline of a
    >> license. My license expires in March. Glad I turned
    >> my stuff in 7 months early. Hope I hear something
    >> before then!
    >> On 11/20/10, D wrote:
    >>> Sad thing is how many of those applicants are
    >>> actually highly skilled, trained and experienced
    >>> educators who, instead of being in a classroom, are
    >>> just waiting it out elsewhere. I would think the
    >>> state would want the best educators in the
    >>> classroom. That is not going to happen with this
    >>> current definition of highly qualified (holding a
    >>> Colorado license) and the current application
    >>> backlog.
    >>> On 11/19/10, Still Waiting wrote:
    >>>> I sent in all of my information to the state back
    >>>> in July. I still have not had my license
    >>>> approved. They told me in Sept. that it would
    >>>> closer to 16 weeks. I believe now that it has
    >>>> been close to 18. I just sent an inquiry to the
    >>>> state. This is just crazy.
    >>>> On 11/18/10, g wrote:
    >>>>> On 9/27/10, Sande wrote:
    >>>>>> I just renewed my Oregon License from 15
    >>>>>> years ago, and the process took about that
    >>>>>> long-----with budget cuts and less staff, the
    >>>>>> ed. offices are taking longer to process the
    >>>>>> tons of things coming through. I think that
    >>>>>> your time frame is , lamentably, fairly
    >>>>>> normal.
    >>>>>> On 9/26/10, DJ wrote:
    >>>>>>> I am a Texas certified educator who has
    >>>>>>> applied to have my license reciprocated
    >>>>>>> here in Colorado. I was told to check the
    >>>>>>> website 4-5 days after "12-14 weeks
    >>>>>>> for processing". Does it actually take
    >>>>>>> that long? Your experiences, please. It has
    >>>>>>> been about 6 weeks now. It seems like it
    >>>>>>> should not take as long for someone with a
    >>>>>>> current license from another state.
    >>>>> Yes, I agree with Sande. It does take that
    >>>>> long. So many cuts yet so many vying for
    >>>>> teacher licensure and jobs...