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The American Turkish Society's Education Program is pleased to announce the availability of Curriculum Development Grants for 2011.

The program, which was initiated by The Society in the spring of 2010, offers funds to elementary and secondary school teachers to develop innovative curricula, projects and other classroom activities about Turkey. The Society’s first Curriculum Development Grant was awarded to Harry A. Dawe, former Headmaster of Robert College in Istanbul and current history teacher and college counselor at the Fieldston Upper School in Bronx, New York. Mr. Dawe received support for History 181: East Meets West, for which he developed course material and two chapters of a history text book for use with eleventh and twelfth graders.

Grants vary between $250 and $2,500, and cover the costs of research, materials, speakers, and other expenses incurred by the school or the teacher. The amount of each grant is determined by th...See More

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