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Just a word of caution...if you think you want to teach in Colorado, you should quickly apply! Colorado is just now going online with apps, but are having to work the thousands of paper copies first. I applied in early August and was just informed that the very long 12-14 week processing time has since gone up to 16 weeks (and I hold a current out of state license so that doesn't matter). Apparently CDE has requested help in the form of new positions but the powers that be will not approve it. In the meantime.....many very good teachers with experience can't even really be considered for vacancies... under the state's current definition of Highly Qualified.
Pennsygal I wouldn't be moving until next summer so I have some time to get my ducks in a row.

But, what is the job situation like? I have NY and PA certifications in elementary ed and special ed (in PA I also have middle school certs but I'm not sure they'd transfer easily). I have experience as well. I have browsed the net and it seems like there...See More
Nov 2, 2010
Sara I too am looking to move to Colorado next summer. I live in California now. How do I find out what it will take to get my Colorado Teaching License? Anyone know where the biggest need for teachers are? Thanks so much!
Nov 6, 2010
D. Special Ed, Science and Math seem to be the big need areas, not unlike most of the nation. There are jobs available in all areas it seems, but usually there are tons of Elementary Ed teachers for each job available. This is what I've heard from principals out here, plus it is the same in some other states also.

Go on line to [link removed...See More
Nov 7, 2010
TexastoColorado I will also be relocating to Colorado. I have heard the job market isn't great at all for teachers and I'm really worried. I haven't taken the certification exam just yet, I graduated a week ago and I've been studying ever since. I'm a secondary composite science teacher but I haven't seen any job postings online for secondary science teachers. Wil...See More
Dec 28, 2010

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