Re: Colorado Licensure

    I will also be relocating to Colorado. I have heard the job market
    isn't great at all for teachers and I'm really worried. I haven't
    taken the certification exam just yet, I graduated a week ago and
    I've been studying ever since. I'm a secondary composite science
    teacher but I haven't seen any job postings online for secondary
    science teachers. Will it pick up at the start of the new school
    year? What about charter schools? How do they rate in pay? in
    curriculum? I'll be in Colorado springs.

    On 11/06/10, Sara wrote:
    > I too am looking to move to Colorado next summer. I live in
    > California now. How do I find out what it will take to get my
    > Colorado Teaching License? Anyone know where the biggest need
    > for teachers are? Thanks so much!