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In these difficult financial times, the solution towards finding jobs may not be within the states. From March until August, I spent most of my financial resources driving around the United States in search for a teaching job. Unfortunately, most school districts were laying workers off. To make matters worse, if they had any openings, they were going to give the jobs to the teachers who were recently fired. The only jobs that were available to me were as a teacher assistant or a substitute teacher. That is all fine and dandy. However, unless I wanted to spend a few years living with my parents, I could not financially afford this.

If you are in the same boat, the solution to the problems is teaching abroad. However, what I found was that most teaching jobs overseas are paying teachers far less than they did a few years ago. Initially, I looked into South Korea because they paid me 30,000 USD a few years ago. Now, the average is around 20,000 USD. China paid around the same a...See More

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