Information about the education programs offered through Roc
    Rainey Kreis

    Take Your Class on a Fieldtrip to Rocky Mountain National
    Park this Winter!

    Did you know that Rocky Mountain National Park offers FREE
    education programs for the classroom and the field? The
    year-round educational program at Rocky Mountain National
    Park provides hands-on field experiences and classroom
    programs that can support and enhance your learning
    objectives. Our lessons and activities encourage students
    to explore, experience, and engage in the learning process.
    Come discover the learning opportunities and potential
    lessons that exist in this unique outdoor classroom!

    We are currently accepting registration for 2011 programs.
    Details about each program and information on how to
    schedule a program can be found in the attached brochures.
    Additional Information can also be found on our website: To schedule
    a program, please contact Mark DeGregorio, the Education
    and Outreach Coordinator at (970) 586-3777.

    RMNP Field and Classroom Programs