Jeffco Strategic Comp

    So, with SB191 making it easier to dismiss "ineffective"
    teachers, and Colorado facing a $1B shortfall, it appears
    to me that the writing is on the wall regarding Jeffco's
    Strategic Compensation project:

    1. Very, very few teachers will be pronounced Outstanding -
    just enough so that it appears that it's actually possible
    for any teacher to earn a bonus.

    2. At the school principal's direction, the team of Master
    Teachers will create "documentation" that huge numbers of
    teachers are "Ineffective."

    3. It will now be much harder, if not impossible, for a
    teacher labeled "Ineffective" to appeal or contest the
    decision, since the evaluation will be conducted by a team,
    rather than by an individual.

    4. Jefferson County can now dismiss up to 50% of their
    teachers, saving the school district an enormous amount of
    money, possibly even solving their budget crisis in one

    5. Class sizes will roughly double.

    6. At the end of the five year grant period, Jeffco can
    point to the pilot study as proof that pay does not equal
    better education, and cut pay, or at least eliminate pay
    increases, for the teachers who remain.

    What a deal for the district! Reduce pay costs by legally
    eliminating half of the teaching jobs in the district,
    solve the budget crisis, and stop giving salary increases
    permanently - all while proclaiming to be improving