Re: Jeffco Strategic Comp

    If you know this is coming for you, I would get out of the way
    by looking for teaching jobs with other districts. I'm at DPS
    and have not found a ft teaching gig yet, but if I suspected
    they had something like this in place or coming down the pike,
    I would look for nearby districts that value education
    professionals more.

    Since so many people are under-educated and/or struggling to
    survive in an economy that is literally breaking families
    apart and pushing millions out onto the streets - governments
    are using the stressful times to their advantage to cut
    overhead while refusing to take pay cuts themselves. Would
    looking for work at other nearby districts make a difference?

    =============== ================ On 2/02/11, PB wrote:
    > So, with SB191 making it easier to dismiss "ineffective"
    > teachers, and Colorado facing a $1B shortfall, it appears
    > to me that the writing is on the wall regarding Jeffco's
    > Strategic Compensation project:
    > 1. Very, very few teachers will be pronounced Outstanding -
    > just enough so that it appears that it's actually possible
    > for any teacher to earn a bonus.
    > 2. At the school principal's direction, the team of Master
    > Teachers will create "documentation" that huge numbers of
    > teachers are "Ineffective."
    > 3. It will now be much harder, if not impossible, for a
    > teacher labeled "Ineffective" to appeal or contest the
    > decision, since the evaluation will be conducted by a team,
    > rather than by an individual.
    > 4. Jefferson County can now dismiss up to 50% of their
    > teachers, saving the school district an enormous amount of
    > money, possibly even solving their budget crisis in one
    > stroke.
    > 5. Class sizes will roughly double.
    > 6. At the end of the five year grant period, Jeffco can
    > point to the pilot study as proof that pay does not equal
    > better education, and cut pay, or at least eliminate pay
    > increases, for the teachers who remain.
    > What a deal for the district! Reduce pay costs by legally
    > eliminating half of the teaching jobs in the district,
    > solve the budget crisis, and stop giving salary increases
    > permanently - all while proclaiming to be improving
    > education!