Re: PLACE exam ECE (02)

    On 2/02/11, Colleen wrote:
    > Does anyone have advice about how to study for the PLACE
    > exam early childhood? I have been out of school for a while
    > and need some good resources, other than the PLace exam
    > secrets...the one with the bright yellow front page. Any
    > suggestions?? THanks!!

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    This is a very good question and one I have not found an
    answer to - except to try to procure the relevant study guide
    or book from a local public library or I have
    read the response from someone to "go online." But I have yet
    to find any website that offers free practice tests for any
    of the PLACE tests, much less practice tests in the varied

    I'm trying to study for the PLACE 07 test myself, and it's
    tough to study for because a) most of the material is
    simplistic material from college and b) there just aren't any
    websites to practice at and no teacher support groups to speak
    of for those of us who are not yet full-time teachers within
    a specific district.

    Good luck