Offered a Paraprofessional Job-But No Start Date, Clueless

    Question for the forum or group:

    I was offered a Paraprofessional job approximately two
    weeks ago. A day or two ago, I called HR and asked if they
    needed anything from me before I could start. They said no.
    I called the school and spoke with two different Asst.
    Principals and asked them what else needed to happen before
    I could start. They both said they had to hear from HR
    first on what to do. HR said it was up to the school as to
    when I would or could start.

    The impression I'm getting is that this para position is
    just not very important to the school or else they could
    call or e-mail with a specific set start date since I'm
    already in the system. Could it really take several weeks
    or months before starting? Is it that this position (as one
    teacher told me) is just not a top priority to the
    administration and they're more concerned with daily
    activities and CSAP scores than hiring another para right
    now - so they'll get around to it when they feel it's
    important or when they have nothing else of concern.

    What do you guys think? My attitude at this point is to
    check back once or twice per week, and just get on with my
    life. If I don't hear anything definitive within another
    week or two, just forget I was every offered the job and
    keep moving forward.