Re: Offered a Paraprofessional Job-But No Start Date, Cluele

    I'm curious which district you applied with. I was sent an
    email from DPS on February 4 requesting a phone interview. I
    replied with some times that would be convenient, but I never
    received a confirmation. I sent another follow-up email
    several days later and still got no response. Finally, last
    Friday I phoned the recruiter that sent the original email and
    left a voice mail, and I still have not received a response. I
    don't know what to think now.
    On 2/15/11, 479 wrote:
    > Question for the forum or group:
    > I was offered a Paraprofessional job approximately two
    > weeks ago. A day or two ago, I called HR and asked if they
    > needed anything from me before I could start. They said no.
    > I called the school and spoke with two different Asst.
    > Principals and asked them what else needed to happen before
    > I could start. They both said they had to hear from HR
    > first on what to do. HR said it was up to the school as to
    > when I would or could start.
    > The impression I'm getting is that this para position is
    > just not very important to the school or else they could
    > call or e-mail with a specific set start date since I'm
    > already in the system. Could it really take several weeks
    > or months before starting? Is it that this position (as one
    > teacher told me) is just not a top priority to the
    > administration and they're more concerned with daily
    > activities and CSAP scores than hiring another para right
    > now - so they'll get around to it when they feel it's
    > important or when they have nothing else of concern.
    > What do you guys think? My attitude at this point is to
    > check back once or twice per week, and just get on with my
    > life. If I don't hear anything definitive within another
    > week or two, just forget I was every offered the job and
    > keep moving forward.