HS Language Arts Instruction: 2 Questions

    I have two questions:

    I have a BA in English, with an emphasis in writing. I have
    over 15 years' experience working as a journalist, marketing
    copywriter, editor, and proofreader. I have about 10 years'
    experience in education, having headed adult GED programs,
    taught middle-school Language Arts previously, substituted,
    and working as a para as well. I've also taught English and
    Journalism at the college level.

    Are there any support or networking groups for Language
    Arts/Humanities/English/ESL/ELA teachers anywhere in
    Colorado? I have not been able to find anything concrete on
    the CDE or DPS websites. There are "information sessions"
    listed on the DPS calendar but they have no set dates,
    times, or locations and e-mails asking for this information
    have not been returned. Such groups would seem reasonable to
    want, but I have not been able to find any traces of them.
    Can anyone help with direct information?

    Question two:

    How do Language Arts instructors, or those wishing to teach
    Language Arts and believe in the value of knowing how to
    read and write intelligently and accurately find positions?
    It seems that the procedure is to apply online and then one
    day perhaps hear something back. There do not seem to be
    recruiting events for Language Arts instructors and I keep
    hearing that there is no need for such instructors and with
    such deep financial cuts not to expect any job offers at
    all==but we also know that there is a very high turnover
    rate for inexperienced teachers and hiring takes place all
    the time within inner circles. How does one break through
    without personal connections?