Re: HS Language Arts Instruction: 2 Questions

    I'm not familiar with the Statement of Eligibility, but it's certainly a
    start. I do know that this Saturday, March 26 CASPA is holding a job
    fair for the Metro area. You need to register in advance, and the cost
    is $20. Google CASPA and it should come right up. In all honesty, I
    would look into Charter Schools. They are given a lot more flexibility
    to hire people that aren't certified. The working conditions are
    suboptimal, in my opinion, but it would at least give you a foot in the

    On 3/20/11, 479 wrote:
    > Thanks for this response. I have recently received a Statement of
    > Eligibility; which I guess means that now I may apply for English
    > teaching positions and then when offered one take whatever courses
    > may be required during that first year or two? So when looking for
    > English teaching jobs, just tell everyone that I have a Statement of
    > Eligibility from the CDE and wish to get licensed while teaching
    > through their alternate licensing program?