Question about CSAP administration
    A certain Teacher

    As a CSAP proctor, I was instructed to look through the
    completed tests, and erase any stray marks that I saw. I was
    also to look for any place that the students wrote outside
    the lines, and tell them to fix it.

    I was also informed at a staff meeting that a team of
    teachers went over the completed exams with pencils and
    erasers darkening any bubbles that looked too light, and
    presumably cleaning up incomplete erasures.

    This seems a little improper to me, and when I asked the
    CDE, they told me that they couldn't answer the question
    because protocol requires that I go to my school's test
    administrator if I have any questions. Can anyone comment on
    this? Here is what the CDE said to me:


    It would be best for you to direct your questions/concerns
    to your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC). You can find
    the contact information for your DAC on the CDE website at
    the following link:

    Our communication protocol is that proctors direct their
    questions to their School Assessment Coordinator (SAC), if
    SACs have a question they address them to their DAC, and if
    DACs have questions about policies or procedures, DACs
    address their questions to CDE. This ensures that questions
    are answered by those with specific knowledge and
    understanding of the particular issue.