Re: Getting a Job with DPS


    Thanks for your input. I registered to be a sub a few months ago
    and have actually been subbing like crazy for the last few months.
    I've subbed for Englewood, DPS, even charter schools through temp
    agencies--but it didn't open any doors (at least not yet). Part of
    it had to do with learning where schools were, getting used to
    certain teachers, and so forth. But, in terms of learning about
    job fairs or hiring events and getting input from other teachers
    there doesn't seem to be much. When I e-mailed DPS questions, they
    just don't respond and when I tried calling they just don't return
    calls. So I'm still kind of in the dark, but I intend to keep
    subbing after the summer is over.

    On 5/20/11, Sande Tanner wrote:
    > On 5/20/11, Martin wrote:
    >> I would like to ask anyone if they are aware of hiring
    >> events, fairs, or whatever, that may be upcoming for Denver
    >> Public Schools; and if anyone has any input on finding a
    >> teaching position within DPS before the start of the next
    >> academic year.
    > Hey Martin, If you are not on the sub list, sign up for and
    > get the training to be a sub. When I came to Colorado, my
    > first sub day in DPS landed a long term sub position that
    > turned into 8 years :-) Any training in ELL and ESL or Special
    > Ed is a huge plus, as well... I think you missed most of the
    > Colorado Teacher Fairs by a month or two.....but you could
    > always just call DPS human Resources and ask them. Good luck
    > in your search!