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Thinking of relocating to the Loveland/Fort Collins area. I hear their school systems are pretty good. Wondering if there are any HS chem jobs. Also in general, how is the teaching climate in this area. I'm from NJ and things are ok here, we have a very strong union and our pay is among the highest in the country (but so is our cost of living). Although pay is not that important to me at this point in my career, really just wondering if I'd be able to get a job out there. Thanks.
  • Mrs. teacher The job market for teachers in northern Colorado is almost zero existance. CO Teach was right about the Thompson School district and there is a ton of corruption there right now so I would avoid that district if possible. I know there is a char...See More
    Jun 15, 2011 report post
  • jesusitadelnorte All of CO Teach's advice is excellent. I applied for my CO Teaching License on January 12, and I finally recieved my paper license in the mail yesterday-- FIVE months later! Finding a job in a good district with a good contract takes time, b...See More
    Jun 15, 2011 report post
  • person from NJ Thank you for the information and those links. Is there a central website that most Colorado schools list their vacancies? Here in NJ, all schools basically post to either or, makes it easy for everyone. On 6/12/11, CO Teach wro...See More
    Jun 12, 2011 report post
  • CO Teach Another piece of advice for "out of state" teachers who want to move here and teach in this beautiful state: APPLY for your CO License ASAP!!! It usually AT LEAST three months for the CDE to process your application and issue a license....See More
    Jun 12, 2011 report post
  • CO Teach Oops, I meant "at best" not "at nest." ;) On 6/12/11, CO Teach wrote: > The Poudre School District has their staff hired. There may > be a few positions at the very beginning of the year > depending on growth although...See More
    Jun 12, 2011 report post
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