Ecotech Institute Kicks Off National Green Week with Eliza

    February 1, Ecotech Institute will do its part to help get
    kids excited about sustainability. As a precursor to
    National Green Week, which kicks off February 4, students
    from Elizabeth Middle School will tour Ecotech's
    LEED-certified campus, watch demos in cutting-edge labs and
    learn about the future of clean jobs.

    The Green Education Foundation (GEF) and Sprint kick off
    the fifth annual National Green Week program next week and
    the campaign continues into April. Green Week is designed
    to empower school administrators and teachers to actively
    engage their students on the importance of environmental
    protection and sustainability through GEF's free lesson
    plans, activities, audits, contests and more. Schools can
    choose when they celebrate National Green Week through the
    end of April.

    "National Green Week is about empowering students to learn
    more about sustainable activities and how they can
    personally make a difference on the planet. We are thrilled
    to play a role, inviting young minds to come explore the
    vast opportunities in sustainability careers," said Michael
    Seifert, president of Ecotech Institute. "It's a privilege
    that our wind, solar and electrical labs spark curiosity
    that can last a lifetime."

    Ecotech frequently hosts groups from K-12 schools and a
    variety of industries. If you are a school counselor, HR
    executive, sustainability specialist or just interested in
    learning more and would like a special tour, please contact
    Zhanna Stavina at 877-326-5576.