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Welcome back to a new school year! Continuing the
tradition of quality professional development, the
Annenberg/CPB Channel is featuring a full range of
new programming. When planning for your
professional development needs, consider taking a
free, and conveniently scheduled, Annenberg/CPB
workshop or course. The complete Fall schedule can
be seen at
[link removed].

Tell your colleagues and contact us to facilitate a group!

New this fall are:
"Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop" for primary grades
teachers, September 15 - November 10;
"The Arts in Every Classroom: A Workshop for
Elementary School Teachers" for grades K-5 teachers,
September 19 - November 14;
"Learning Math: Number and Operations" for K-8
teachers, September 23 - November 4;
"Social Studies in Action: A Methodology Workshop,
K-5" for elementary teachers, September 25 -
November 20;
"Making Civics Real: A Workshop f...See More
mujeeb ahmed /blockquote>

Dear Sir,

I am sending my personal educational and qualification
detail .I am sighted computer professional.I have done three
years computer course and also doing msc in computer science.

I have five years teaching experience in computer and also
worked Two years in "The Blind Relief Associatio...See More
Feb 10, 2004

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