Re: Any jobs for a History/Political Science Teacher

    On 1/05/04, Ryan Kellems wrote:
    > I am currently living in Utah but will be moving this
    > coming fall. What are the job prospects like in the
    > Delaware region. My wife may be attending law school in
    > wilmington. I will have a BA in History teaching with a
    > political science teaching minor.

    I used to work in Delaware as a social studies teacher in the
    Brandywine School District. You probably know that it is tough
    to get a teaching job in the SS field pretty much anywhere.
    However, I was speaking with a professor at the Univ. of
    Delaware (where I attended) and she said that last year, all
    of the graduates from the SS education program got jobs. I
    thought that was pretty encouraging.

    Delaware is in the process of changing their certification
    rules. Right now, you only have to take the Praxis I test, but
    I believe you may soon have to take the Praxis II also. I have
    been out of teaching for a while raising my kids, but I have
    recently become recertified in both Delaware and Pennsylvania.

    What you might want to consider is adding on another subject
    area. If you can pass the Praxis II tests, you can teach that
    area also. In Pennsylvania, I added Middle Level Language
    Arts. If you can pass the middle level science test, they
    always need science teachers. I know I have to make myself
    more marketable if I want to get a job in PA. I am returning
    to graduate school to get a graduate certification in special
    education (30 credits). I want to work as a learning support
    teacher in middle school.

    Delaware has a large percentage of students in private
    schools. The public schools sometimes suffer as a result.
    Delaware does not pay quite as well as neighboring states.

    Here is a link to the Delaware Dept. of Education.

    You can also register for Teach Delaware (job site) at:

    I think you should call the certification office and find out
    about the changes being made. I am assuming your wife is going
    to law school at Widener. Keep in mind that Delaware closely
    borders Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, so you may be
    able to expand your search.

    Best of luck!