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I'm interested in making a career change. I currently work
at a biologist and am interested in teaching biology or
general science. Is anyone here familiar with the ARTC
Julie /blockquote>

Here is a link to the Delaware ARTC web page. You should be
able to find most of the answers there.

[link removed]

You should go to Project Search at the U of D, which is a job
fair for teachers in the Delaware area. They have a "Delaware
Day," which is strictly for DE school districts. If you ar...See More
Feb 17, 2004
Natalie /blockquote>

Hi Julie,
Thanks for your response and for your vote of confidence! When
you were at Brandywine, did you know of anyone in the ARTC
program? I guess I'm trying to get a feel for how rare it is
and how willing school districts are to hire someone who does
not have a teaching degree. I do have a degree in B...See More
Feb 17, 2004
Julie /blockquote>

Hi, Natalie:

I don't know anyone who went through ARTC, but I taught in
Delaware a while ago, before ARTC was even developed. Brandywine
School District is having its own Teacher's Fair on March 31st at
their admin. offices from 3-7. Also, if you call them at (302)
793-5000, they will send you an applic...See More
Feb 17, 2004

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