Re: ARTC biology (Natalie)

    Hi, Natalie:I don't know anyone who went through ARTC, but I taught in
    Delaware a while ago, before ARTC was even developed. Brandywine
    School District is having its own Teacher's Fair on March 31st at
    their admin. offices from 3-7. Also, if you call them at (302)
    793-5000, they will send you an application packet. If you return
    it to them quicly, they might interview you before the teacher's fair.

    Did you go to the University of Delaware? I graduated from there,
    and I am now going to grad school at West Chester Univ. to add
    special education to my certification.

    When you go to project search, make sure you have plenty of your
    resumes to hand out. Get there early, because you have to sign up
    for interviews and the "good" school districts fill up quickly.
    Try to get an interview with Newark Charter School. It is an
    excellent school! Where do you live in Delaware? I am assuming you
    are in New Castle County. Appoquinomick School District is growing
    quickly, too. They are building a new high school next year.
    Wilmington Charter is fantastic, also.

    Just a little warning, unless things have changed, I never got any
    job offers until mid-late summer. It stinks. Perhaps when you are
    in a high demand area, it is different. (I taught history)

    Best of luck. Let me know if I can help you in any way.



    Hi Julie,
    > Thanks for your response and for your vote of confidence! When
    > you were at Brandywine, did you know of anyone in the ARTC
    > program? I guess I'm trying to get a feel for how rare it is
    > and how willing school districts are to hire someone who does
    > not have a teaching degree. I do have a degree in Biology, so
    > I'm confident of my content knowledge... just have to get
    > someone to give me a chance at teaching that knowledge now.
    > Yes, I'm registered for Teach in DE day and am really looking
    > forward to it! Any tips for success on that day?
    > Thanks,
    > Natalie
    > On 2/17/04, Julie wrote:
    >> Here is a link to the Delaware ARTC web page. You should be
    >> able to find most of the answers there.
    >> You should go to Project Search at the U of D, which is a job
    >> fair for teachers in the Delaware area. They have a "Delaware
    >> Day," which is strictly for DE school districts. If you are
    >> an alum, it is free. Otherwise, it is $5. If you have a
    >> science degree, I imagine you would be able to get a job
    >> pretty easily.
    >> I used to teach in the Brandywine School District, but now I
    >> am just over the line, in PA
    >> Good luck!
    >> Julie
    >> On 2/17/04, natalie wrote:
    >>> I'm interested in making a career change. I currently work
    >>> at a biologist and am interested in teaching biology or
    >>> general science. Is anyone here familiar with the ARTC
    >>> program?