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Hello! I am thinking of relocating to Delaware and am
looking for the best areas/districts to teach elementary. I
am thinking of around the Dover area and would appreciate
any information about any good areas! Thanks so much!!!!!!
Gwen. /blockquote>

Hi Kelly. It looks like you're in the same boat that I'm in.
I live in Phila. and am trying to relocate to Delaware, too.
I can't move until I find a job there. I've gone to all the
job fairs for teachers that they held this year and have had
about 9 personal interviews. I'm still waiting, too. I've
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Apr 28, 2004
Kelly /blockquote>

I agree it doesn't look like people post here very often. I
appreciate your response! I am going to visit Dover in the next
couple weeks. I also have a school psychologist certificate and
may decide to look for that position instead. Not sure yet!
But, best of luck! Keep in touch!

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Apr 28, 2004

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