Re: relocating.. help!!!

    I agree it doesn't look like people post here very often. I
    appreciate your response! I am going to visit Dover in the next
    couple weeks. I also have a school psychologist certificate and
    may decide to look for that position instead. Not sure yet!
    But, best of luck! Keep in touch!
    On 4/28/04, Gwen. wrote:
    > Hi Kelly. It looks like you're in the same boat that I'm in.
    > I live in Phila. and am trying to relocate to Delaware, too.
    > I can't move until I find a job there. I've gone to all the
    > job fairs for teachers that they held this year and have had
    > about 9 personal interviews. I'm still waiting, too. I've
    > posted here before, but it doesn't look like Delaware
    > teachers post too often. Only one person took the time to
    > respond to my initial post for information. I hate it here in
    > Philly and I'd love to work in Delaware. I have friends
    > living there, have visited the area surrounding each district
    > looking at the proximity of apartments to the schools,
    > shopping, churches, etc. I have no preference right now as to
    > what district to teach in. I just want to get in the door. I
    > figured I'd have an opportunity to transfer to another
    > district once I'd ben there for a few years. My first choice
    > is also the Dover area because that's where most of my
    > friends live, not to mention it's not far from the beach.
    > I wish you luck in your search for a position as I wish the
    > same for myself. Who knows, maybe we'll wind up in the same
    > school. If you find out any information, please post it here
    > or email me directly.
    > Again, good luck!!!
    > Gwen.
    > On 4/18/04, Kelly wrote:
    >> Hello! I am thinking of relocating to Delaware and am
    >> looking for the best areas/districts to teach elementary. I
    >> am thinking of around the Dover area and would appreciate
    >> any information about any good areas! Thanks so much!!!!!!