Fun Writing Project

    The following states are still needed to complete our
    Postcard Exchange:
    AK, CO, CT, DE, DC,MT, NV, NH, ND, RI, SD, WV, WYONLY the above states are needed.

    If you are interested, please e-mail me your school
    We would love to have you. To find out more about
    the Postcard Exchange, read on.

    I teach 5th grade and find that a postcard exchange ties
    in well as a geography review, as well as writing--the
    format of a postcard.

    If you choose to join, your job will be to send each
    participant a postcard.
    Usually I have my class create one postcard and then
    photocopy and glue it on individual postcards. In the
    letter we include information about our state and our

    Then when we receive the various cards from other states
    we display them on a bulletin board. I put a U.S. map on
    the wall and everytime I receive a card we put a pin in
    that city/state and attach the postcard.

    My students love receiving the postcards. They have an
    opportunity to learn little things about states and

    At the end of the summer I will be e-mailing all of the
    participants a list of addresses that will be involved in
    the exchange.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or if you are
    interested so I can take your state off of our list.