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Hi all...I am a teacher at a private school in northern DE
who has an undergrad degree from UofD in Journalism. After
4 years of teaching, I am working on meshing my two career

I am pursuing the launching of a new magazine for area
teachers/parents/students. As a result, I am looking for a
few teachers who would be willing to contribute to this
start-up (creatively, not financially!!!).

If you have been around DE education, you know a lot is
going on. I believe we need a publication that will inform
parents of what is happening in area schools/districts --
from the DSTP to who the teachers are. Too much negativity
is reported in the news...we need to open a new outlet.

The publication would also be beneficial to teachers as a
form of speaking out and getting recognized for their
work, as well as lessons/projects that both parents and
teachers could do with their children...See More
Belen, Spanish Tutor /blockquote>

Hi Kelley:

KUDOS to you for this wonderful initiative!!!

I am a private tutor for Spanish, my students are mostly
professionals from this area, and one of my students is a
teacher. I will let them know about your undertaking in
case they'd like to contribute.

GOOD LUCK with the launc...See More
Oct 6, 2004
William Allan Kritsonis, PhD /blockquote>

Dear Colleague:
My best wishes to you in starting a new magazine. In 1983
I founded NATIONAL FORUM JOURNALS. Since then, over 3,000
professors have published in various journals. We also publish
hard copy issues. It takes a great deal of time and energy to
lunch a magazine. I know, we publish nine journa...See More
Mar 11, 2006

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