Teacher Survey - paying $50.
Joyce Farmer

    The U.S Census Bureau is searching for teachers who meet
    the criteria below to participate in the Teacher Follow Up
    Survey (TFS) -- a nationally representative sample survey
    that looks at teacher movement within the labor force. K-
    12 Teachers residing in MD, DC, WVA, or PA will be paid
    approximately $50.00 for about an hour of their time.
    Respondents visit will need access to a computer with
    internet (dial-up or high-speed), or they can visit the
    U.S. Census Bureau, Suitland, MD for the interview.Criteria:

    Teaching Type - Current (Stayer or Mover)
    School Type - Public
    Criteria: Has retired & returned to teaching within past 2

    Teaching Type - Mover
    School Type - Private or Public
    Criteria: Has continued to teach but at different school
    within past 2 years

    Teaching Type - Leaver
    School Type - Public or Private
    Criteria: Has retired from teaching within past 2 years or
    left to pursue other career or profession

    Please forward your Telephone Number, Address, and specify
    if your Internet is dial-up or high-speed. Also state
    your status from the list above and include the date(s) time
    (s) you will be available. The Interviews will be
    conducted from July 30 - August 12, 2004 between the hours
    of 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM. I will contact you to schedule a
    date and time for the Interviewers to visit you.

    Census conducts the Teacher follow up survey (TFS) for the
    National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). At the
    request of OMB, an Internet reporting option will be
    developed for the 2004-2005 administration of the TFS.

    Here is a short paragraph to describe the procedure.

    Two Interviewers will arrive at the address you provided.
    They will give you a brief introduction about the survey
    and then ask you to sign a consent form to allow them to
    tape you while you go through the questionnaire using the
    internet on your computer. During the interview, one
    Interviewer will ask you a series of questions. The other
    Interviewer will be video recording you while you are using
    the Internet. A couple of follow-up questions will be
    asked at the end of the interview. Then, you will sign a
    voucher form for your monetary payment. The whole process
    should take about 1 hour.

    Joyce Farmer
    Bureau of the Census, SRD 9100
    4700 Silver Hill Road
    Washington, D.C. 20233
    (Office) 301.763.4922
    (Fax) 301.457.4931